WorldHost – Customers with Disabilities

The Customers with Disabilities online program will give employees the tools they need to provide excellent customer service for a range of needs. As part of the WorldHost family of programs, this online course is designed to increase front-line employees’ sensitivity toward people with disabilities, and to provide superior customer service skills that respect every visitor’s unique needs.

Course Objectives

  • Increase your knowledge about people with disabilities.
  • Assess your own feelings, misconceptions and biases when serving customers with disabilities.
  • Know your role and responsibility in making customers with disabilities feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Identify key elements of excellent customer service skills for customers with disabilities and communicate practical serving strategies.
  • Demonstrate how to communicate effectively with customers with disabilities.
  • Recognize appropriate language to use when referring to customers with disabilities.
  • Understand, and be sensitive to, barriers faced by people with a disability.


  • Self-directed
  • Includes video and audio training, journal
  • Comprehensive list of resources and checklists provided
  • Access is available 24/7 for three weeks (21 days) from date of registration
  • Written assignment to apply the skills learned and receive feedback from an instructor
  • Self-signing certificate upon passing final assessment

Estimated course completion

  • 3 to 5 hours


  • $65 per person

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