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emerit Business Planning Tools

Save time, improve efficiency and minimize planning efforts by using emerit Business Planning Tools – a collection of customizable templates, checklists, financial and marketing plans, reports, guides, strategies, project samples, and more!

emerit Training

emerit training supports a wide range of occupations in the tourism sector. Developed and tested by Canadian tourism professionals, emerit training programs are based on National Occupational Standards that are internationally recognized. Enrolling your employees in training and getting them professionally certified will help you motivate and retain them. Having motivated loyal employees will result in increased productivity and efficiency of your business. Browse through the available training options to learn more.

emerit Certification

From the frontline to management, your customers’ satisfaction and your business success lies in the hands of your employees. Professional certification is a trusted way of recognizing competent employees and building a strong workforce. Bring excellence to your business by investing in your staff.
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