Supervisor Essentials – Fundamentals of Leadership

This full day workshop will give supervisors the tools they need to succeed and excel with day-to-day human resource issues. The Supervisor Essentials, covers three essential skill sets required of an effective supervisor in the tourism sector; personal and professional skills, communication and leadership.

  1. Delegate Tasks Effectively
  2. Promote Teamwork
  3. Motivate Employees
  4. Solve Problems
  5. Effective Communication
  6. Adult Learning Principals
Supervisor – Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management training teachers a wide range of supervisory skills. These include the many critical tasks in assessing job requirements, such as knowing how to find and retain good staff, interviewing and selecting candidates. Participants will also learn how to plan and implement training and coaching, to manage employee performance.

  1. Recruitment Strategies
  2. Interviewing Strategies
  3. Coach and Mentor
  4. Performance Reviews
  5. Motivate long term employees vs younger generation
  6. Dismissal and Exit Interviews
7- Performance Coaching
HR Tool Kit – Human Resource Essentials

The HR Tool Kit – Human Resource Essentials workshop offers managers and operators of small to medium sized organizations tools and resources to meet their human resource challenges and combines the resources with the knowledge of how to apply them back in the workplace. The workshop includes the Performance First HR Toolkit, CD of forms and templates to customize for your organization and guest speakers. This one-day workshop covers critical components of human resource planning for business including:

  1. Recruitment and Selection
  2. Hiring
  3. Training
  4. Coaching and Performance Management
Train the Workplace Trainer

Within the Tourism Sector we rarely have the time or the resources to send employees away for days of formal training. So the bulk of our training takes place at work and involves a lot of one-on-one training. The workplace trainer needs the skills to uncover the wealth of knowledge that is in each employee and to assess the most effective method to ensure the trainee learns what needs to be learned. The goal of this two day Train the Workplace Trainer program is to provide trainers with an understanding of adult education principals, plus provide information about and opportunities to practice training and coaching skills.

Management/Owner-Operator Training

Serve Right – It’s Just Good Business Responsible Beverage Service (Managers)

The Serve Right program is about changing views of alcohol service in the Tourism Industry. Staff who serve alcohol need to understand their part in the industry’s response to a changing business climate. Management of hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars are looking at new plans for keeping or improving profits with lower alcohol sales. The goal is to find ways to keep both the guest and the public safe while continuing profitable, enjoyable and hospitable service.

HR Tool Kit Workshop

The HR Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for your daily and strategic HR needs. Developed by human resource specialists and tourism professionals, it provides practical tools and resources perfect for anyone with HR duties in the tourism industry. With the emeritHR Tool Kit, you’ll develop a forward-thinking and tactical approach for handling resource allocations, recruitment and internal policies.
Enhance your learning experience and HR practices with the HR Tool Kit. It is available online as well as in a workshop format.

Download user-friendly, customizable templates and forms for job offer letters, training plans, employee manuals and much more! This self-directed training option gives you everything you need to select, recruit, hire, train, coach and manage employees effectively. There are 24 customizable templates for job descriptions, wellness surveys, etc. and 39 tools for interview checklists, staffing reminders and much more!

Business Builders Series Workshops

emerit Business Builders includes practical, straightforward tourism business management information, tools, resources and templates. Ideal for entrepreneurs and small tourism business owners and operators, this CD explores the basics of business planning, development and management. The CD also includes English and French versions.

The CD contains vital information that can be customized for the individual’s business needs. Business owners receive 12 PDF Worksheets and checklists relating to advertising strategies, customer service and purchase orders, 12 Excel samples or template files on balance sheets, cash flow and income statements, and 12 report examples including business and marketing plans, a job offer and a discipline letter.

This resource consists of six valuable modules covering everything a small business owner should know. It includes:

  • Business Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales and Service
  • Managing Operations

The modules function as a “how to” resource, leading you through the critical steps of small business planning and management, and covers everything from developing a solid business plan to product development and marketing.

Food and Beverage Manager Study Groups

Available across the province.