Cape Breton Seasonality Report

In 2018, Tourism HR Canada was contracted by NSTHRC to conduct research around the growing issue of Seasonality in the Cape Breton Region.  A Final Report is now available for download.  Click here for your copy of: “Seasonality and Labour Challenges in Rural Cape Breton – Meeting the Needs of the Tourism Sector”.


Are you wondering what your competition from across the country are paying in wages and benefits, or what the short-term and long-term supply/demand projections are? The Research/Publications area of the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council’s site has a wealth of information about these and other issues that can assist you in planning an effective attraction and retention strategy.

Managing your workforce will give your business a competitive advantage, especially when labour and skills are limited. Assessing the effectiveness of your current HR practices can help ensure that you attract and retain a qualified workforce. Even if your operation is too small to employ a dedicated Human Resource professional, it is possible to manage your workforce well.

Take this 20 minute self-assessment to find out how you are doing in:

  • human resource planning
  • hiring and keeping qualified staff
  • occupational health and safety
  • working with unions


One of the best retention strategies is to invest in the people you already have. We have HR Resources that can assist you with your planning, and a wide range of training resources that can assist you in holding on to your top performers and increasing the productivity of your business. For more information click here.

Temporary Foreign Worker Guide

The Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council has developed a resource manual for employers looking to recruit temporary foreign workers to fill employment vacancies. The Temporary Foreign Worker Guide outlines all the steps necessary to successfully recruit workers from other countries. To download the guide click here.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council has developed an Occupational Health and Safety brochure to assist tourism employers understand how the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations affects the tourism industry. To download the brochure click here.

Qualifications Framework

With a wide range of qualifications in the tourism sector, it can be challenging to know what they mean and offer. Qualifications Frameworks are a tool that help understand qualifications and the links between them. The Culinary Qualifications Framework and the Hospitality Qualifications Framework shown below depict types of qualifications offered by public academic institutions, industry, and apprenticeship in the culinary and hospitality fields. Click here for more information on the interactive frameworks.