General Training

General Training

Nova Scotia BEST Service Excellence

This workshop will provide the tools for you to become a service professional. Depending on your customer service focus, you may be serving a client, guest, visitor, or tourist.  Whether they are from overseas or down the street, they all have expectations that they anticipate will be met.  To each customer, YOU are the business!

Service 1st – Making the Connection

Service 1st – Making the Connection is the newest addition to the Service Excellence family of programs. This four-hour interactive program examines relationships with customers and guests and encourages all participants to “make the connection, which will lead to enhanced bottom lines, better service experiences for the guests and an increased pride in service.

Tourism Essentials

Tourism Essentials is a national workbook developed by employers to provide new employees with the basic skills required to succeed in tourism. Topics include: demonstrating a positive attitude, demonstrating responsibility and adaptability, demonstrating communication and thinking skills, and demonstrating the ability to work with others.

Workplace Essentials

Workplace Essentials is a national workbook which covers areas appropriate for success in the workforce. Topics include: demonstrating non verbal communication, initiative conversation, being punctual and expressing personal opinions in the workplace.

Time Management

There simply isn’t enough time to do all the things we want and need to be done. Through proper management of time our personal and professional lives become much more balanced. This three-hour workshop is designed to develop effective time management skills that will aid participants in achieving their goals and living a more balanced lifestyle.

Stress Management

How you manage stress has great influence on your ability to reach out to other people, function effectively in your work and generally manage life. This six-hour workshop is designed to assist the participant in identifying the stressors in their personal and professional life, recognizing the stress cycles and the effects that stress has on them and breaking any negative patterns.

Personal Budgeting Basics

Planning and organizing a personal budget within your financial means is a tough skill. In this workshop you will learn more about financial principles and the terminology to help you create your own household budget and spending plan. You will also learn how to plan and budget for your future and gain confidence to meet with financial planners and understand their terminology. The participant will finish the program with the skills required to implement effective personal financial management that will aid them in achieving their goals for a more secure future.

Workplace Etiquette

People tend to form their impressions of us based on how we handle ourselves in a variety of situations. Because of this it is extremely important that we have a solid grasp of the skills required to practice proper etiquette. This three hour workshop is designed to assist the participant in the development of the interpersonal skills and social professionalism necessary to build quality relationships with co-workers and customers.

Tourism WHMIS (online)

The course meets the legislated worker training requirements for all Federal and Provincial workplaces in all provinces and territories.

Basics.fst Food Safety (online)

This program is one of the leading food safety training programs in the country. This course will prepare you to write the Basics.fst exam.