Frontline Training

Serve Right – It’s Just Good Business Responsible Beverage Service (Servers – Workshop and online)

The Serve Right program is about changing views of alcohol service in the Tourism Industry. Staff who serve alcohol need to understand their part in the industry’s response to a changing business climate. Management of hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars are looking at new plans for keeping or improving profits with lower alcohol sales. The goal is to find ways to keep both the guest and the public safe while continuing profitable, enjoyable and hospitable service.

Team Excellence

Team Excellence emphasizes that high performance teams can produce powerful results and exceptional customer service through both a personal and team commitment. Teams that exceed customer expectations and build customer loyalty are teams that work at effective communication, work at providing constructive feedback, and work at understanding the difference in each other’s styles.

Mature Consumer

The goal of Mature Consumer is to help businesses improve the way they serve the senior population. With the ever-increasing number of older patrons, businesses must learn how to benefit from the age-wave. This one-day training session not only gives valuable service tips but also allows participants to “walk a mile” in a senior’s shoes. A business that becomes trained to serve the senior customer, not only wins the loyalty of its senior customers but benefits by attracting new customers from Canada’s largest demographic market.

Service Excellence in the Global Village (Workshop and online)

Enhancing awareness of customers and co-workers who are culturally, ethnically or linguistically different from us can broaden our experience and knowledge as well as theirs. Travel with us through the three-hour workshop and learn to increase excellent service across cultures.

Sales Powered by Service

It is important to know that we are all in sales. A customer expects everyone working in an organization to have answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. The Sales Powered by Service training session will get your team charged with service tips for better customer care by providing interactive, practical and applicable skills that your people can implement immediately