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Many people think of tourism as something that only touches their lives when they travel away from home. But it is much more! Tourism is big business. It is growing rapidly, and requires many people with a broad range of skills and knowledge. There are numerous career opportunities. In fact, because of the scope of the tourism industry, the hard part is deciding which career suits you best! If you are considering a career in this dynamic industry, take a look at this national website –

Canada’s tourism industry offers rewarding and challenging careers. Employment opportunities are as diverse as the five industries of the tourism sector! The statistics speak for themselves! 1.6 million people are employed in the tourism sector in Canada, representing over 10% of the Canadian labour force. Close to 300,000 new jobs will be created in the industry over the next five years. For individuals with the appropriate skills, knowledge and attitude, tourism careers offer mobility, experience and opportunity in entry level, supervisory and management. There are opportunities for part time, full time and casual positions so you can work in a given occupation based on your lifestyle needs. will outline all the occupations available within the tourism sector and provide information on career paths and education required to succeed in this industry. You can take quizzes that will help identify which occupation you are best suited for as well as research what employers are doing to attract employees to tourism.